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Universal Bucket Seats
1. Take off headrest and  push the back of the seat, forward.

 2. Slide seat cover over top of seat and pull down.

 3. Fit base of cover snugly over seat.

 4. Fasten elastic under seat with supplied "S" hooks.

 5. Tie the supplied cord in position to ensure that the seat cover is held in shape.

 6. Ensure that seat cover is fitting perfectly.

 7. With a sharp instrument (razor blade /exacto knife, etc....), cut holes for your headrest lengthwise with respect to your car . Because the seat cover stretches slightly, the holes need not be too big.   That way, normal entering and exiting the car will not damage the seat cover.

8. Re-insert the headrest into your seat.

9. Your Done!

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Universal & Custom  Bench Seats

1. Remove the seat from the car, and then remove the back rest.

2. Fit section marked "back" to back rest.

3. Line up base pattern to the pattern on the back rest (if any).

4. Secure all elastic straps with supplied "S" hooks.

5. Replace rear back rest and rear base.

6. Check that seat covers are secure, that seat covers are fitting correctly, and that all patterns match.

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Custom Bucket Seats
1. Remove any guards or shields covering original material. 

2. Tie three strings provided to bottom seat cover flap.  The strings attach to loops on the flap.

 3. Place bottom seat cover on the seat and align the seam in the seat cover with the edge of the seat.

 4. Tuck the flap and three strings between the top and bottom of the seat. Gather strings and pull tight 

5. Feed the the strings beneath the seat. If there is a wire beneath your seat, ensure that the strings go above it and that they do not interfere with the movement of the seat.

6. Each string will attach to a corresponding loop in the front. The easiest way to do this is to take a string through a loop twice, pull the string tight, then make a cinch knot. Repeat for each string. You want to get these as tight as possible.

7. Take skirt string (String that comes attached to cover) below and behind any mechanisms. Both sides are brought around to the back where they are tied off tight.

8. Place Guards and shields back on. 

9. If headrests are present, remove the headrests.

10. Tie three strings provided to top seat cover.  The strings attach to loops on the flap.

11. Pull top cover down tight over the seat. 

12. Fold and tuck the edges . 

 13. Feed three strings and the material through between top and bottom of seat. 

14. Pull each string tight and tie it to its corresponding loop underneath the material 

15. If headrests were present, replace headrests.

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