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Madrid seat covers - The smart shopper's choice for a factory fresh look. Your car can retain it's "new car " look with these luxurious seat covers that protect your interior with eloquence. Made with a 3/8 inch foam backing for added comfort, fit and  durability. Madrid seat covers are available for all makes & models in bench or bucket seats styles and come in six royal colors.

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Available for
Bucket or Bench Seats
.Madrid Fabric Colors



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Universal Seat Covers are generic and will not fit many styles of seats. They will fit most rear car bench seats & most bucket seats. Even then, they will not fit exactly

Do not order 
Universal seat covers
if you  have any of 
the following:

*Full size pick-up
*Any Split bench seat
*Bench seat w/ console
*Captain's Chairs
*Car front bench seats
*Air bag built into seat
*Built-in shoulder belts
*Seats W/ attached arm rests
*Jeep Wrangler rear bench seats

For any of the above listed applications, you may order our Custom or Semi-custom fit seat covers. You may also order Custom Fit seat covers for any split
style bench seat such as 60/40, 50/50, and 70/30 split styles. 

We guaranteed our Custom fit seat covers will fit properly.




Information about your specific vehicle year, make and model will be required later in the order process.

Our Custom Seat Covers Are Guaranteed to fit.
Seat Cover Fabric Seat Style  Fit Quality 

 Madrid  Seat Covers Bucket Seats (one pair) Universal

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 Madrid  Seat Cover One Bench Seat  Universal

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 Madrid  Seat Covers Bucket Seats (one pair)  Semi Custom

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 Madrid  Seat Cover One Bench Seat  Semi Custom

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 Madrid  Seat Covers Bucket Seats (one pair)  Custom

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 Madrid  Seat Cover One Bench Seat  Custom

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 Matching Arm Rest Covers (Two Covers)


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 Matching Head Rest Covers (Two Covers)


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 Matching Console Covers (One Cover)


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  • What is the Difference between Universal, Semi-Custom, and Custom Fit?


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