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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the difference between Universal, Semi-Custom, and Custom Fit?
How do I place an order?
What forms of Payment do you accept?
How long will it take for me to get my order?
How do you ship?
Why Use Seat Covers?
Why Use Dash Covers?
Why Use Floor Mats?
Are your Covers Washable?
Are your Covers Durable?
How do your Covers Fit?

  • What is the Difference between Universal, Semi-Custom, and Custom Fit?
    • Universal Fit means that the seat cover will fit a wide range of seats without any modifications. This includes any high back bucket seats or low back bucket seats. The material of choice covers the seating area and the rest of the seat cover is made out of durable polyester.

      Semi-Custom Fit means modifications are done on the material to give the cover a very professional fit. The materials covering the front of the seat is the material of choice, whereas the rest of the cover is made out of durable polyester.

      Custom Fit means that a custom cover has been special made to fit the seat exactly. The material of choice will cover the entire seat, front, back, and beneath. These give by far the best possible fit.
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  • How do I place an order?
    • Ordering has never been easier. To place an order call us at 1-800-255-8086.  Search through our site and find the merchandise that you wish to purchase. call us with you're vehicles make, model and year. Select the appropriate fabric and color. Place your order and once you're finished  you can pay by Visa , Master Card, AMEX,  Discover. or mail us a check or Money Order.
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  • How long will it take for me to get my order?
    • We have an entire warehouse full of Universal Fit covers. An order for a Universal Seat Cover will be shipped out UPS as soon as the order is processed. Most customers receive their orders within a week's time.
      Custom and Semi-custom Seat Covers, Dash Covers, and Floor Mats must be custom made. We have several expert seamstresses who will make your seat cover for you. 
      Most of these are finished within a week after the order is processed. (depending on current load) Our customers usually receive their order one week after it is manufactured.
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  • How do you ship?
    • Most of our products will ship by ground UPS within the continental United States. To Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, we use Parcel Post. To other countries, we use Parcel Post or an Air Package Service. 
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  • Why Use Seat Covers?
    • Whether you're looking to make your car look like new again, or protecting your existing seats, seat covers are a great investment. They help protect your vehicle's upholstery from the dog, kids, and mechanics. Placing an affordable custom made seat cover on your seats will help your car maintain its current value. With our many colors and styles to choose from, you'll see a difference.
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  • Why Use Dash Covers?
    • What part of your cars interior gets hit by the sun the most? It is you dash. Day after day the suns ultra violet rays slowly break down your dash until it fades, cracks, and detracts from the overall beauty of your vehicle. Stop the damage! Put a dash cover on today and protect it from the suns rays.

      Too late? Is your dash cover already ruined? Add a dash cover today to cover up the damage. You'll see a difference. 
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  • Why Use Floor Mats?
    • All of the mud, tar, dirt and grime that you track into your car ends up deposited nicely on your car floor. How easy is it to remove the carpet and wash it? Put down a pair of floor mats and you can easily remove and wash them and at the same time protect your cars floor.
      Too Late? Is your floor already dirty beyond repair? Add a pair of floor mats to cover that dirt up today. You'll see a difference. 
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  • Are your Covers Washable?
    • Yes! Our covers are easily removed and machine washable, so you can continue to keep them looking great. Please wash in cold water on gentle cycle, so you can continue to keep them looking great.  Please allow our covers to drip dry for best results.
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  • Are your Covers Durable?
    • YES! Our products are made out of the finest and most durable fabrics available and are machine washable. All of our covers are stitch quilted for extra strength and long life. You won't find a better seat cover, floor mat, or dash cover anywhere!
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  • How do your Covers Fit?
    • Our seat covers are made to fit your seats perfectly, every time! Our covers are specially designed to eliminate sagging and cover all sides
      of the seat. They are quick-and-easy to install and remove! Our seat covers slip on in seconds and making them very easy to maintain. 
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