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Satisfied Customers

J. H. Steele wrote:

I want to thank you for making seat covers (front and back) for my 99
Mercury Mountaineer. They look and fit just GREAT! You promised to have them
to me in two weeks time, I received them 1wk and two days later.  A GREAT

J. H. Steele Jr. 
Norristown, Pa.

Tyrone Holmes wrote:

I placed a order for seat covers about 2 weeks ago. I received them on Thursday June 14, 2001. I'm very pleased with them, I bought them for my "91" Toyota Cressida. The quality and workmanship is exceptional. At first I was very uncomfortable about buying products over the internet but you put those worries to rest.

I've been looking for sheepskin seatcovers for some time. Either they were too expensive, or the quality of the material wasn't desirable. My main concern was when you sit on some sheepskin seatcovers, there would be lint all over your clothes from the seatcovers. Not these....My hat is off to you! You're 2nd to none.
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent job and craftsmanship - the beat seatcovers I've ever had.

P.S. You will be hearing from me soon for seat covers for my back seats!!!

Thanks Again

Tyrone Holmes
Oxford, NC

Teresa Santucci wrote:

I ordered the custom sheepskin seat covers for my 95 Chev Corvette and a dash cover for my husband's 77 Ford F150.  I'm very satisfied with both, especially the seat covers.  The leather seats were starting to wear and fade on my Vette and I wanted to prevent any further deterioration.  I looked everywhere and tried several different styles, nothing made me happy until receiving these.  We also have a 96 Impala SS.  I'll order from Seatcovers.net when needing covers for this car also.

Thanks again,
Teresa Santucci

Stig Adeler wrote:

I feel I have to put pen paper to say how pleased I am with the seat covers
ordered for my 74 Beetle, perfect in every way. Living in the Channel Islands (U.K.) on the other side of the world, I was a little concerned about placing an order over the net. But the friendly service convinced me that I had to give it a go.  2 to 3 weeks was quoted for delivery and that's exactly when they arrived with no unforeseen carriage charges or taxes. If you're thinking of ordering but are in doubt, don't worry, these guys are good and so are their products. 

Stig Adeler --Stig also sent pics of his car. ClickHEREto see them

Julie Falatko wrote:

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the seat covers I received from you.  Not only did I receive them sooner than I thought I would, but they are much nicer and of a higher quality  than anything else I have looked at.  I'm so glad I didn't buy cheaper ones that wouldn't fit quite right. 

Thank you again.

 Julie Falatko

Doug Wrote:

I must add my comments to an ever growing list of happy and satisfied customers.

It's been two weeks since I received my seat covers and let me say they are great. They look great, fit perfect, and the comments I have received,
have been nothing but positive.

Keep up the good work.

Upstate New York

Jim Epperson wrote:

We ordered for my girlfriend's birthday, custom seat covers from your company last month. She likes them very much. Thank you very much ...

Thanks again,
Jim Epperson

Jane Thrasher wrote:

I wanted to let you know that the rear seatcovers you remade for my 1991 Mercury Capri arrived this week and they were perfect. I have all the new seatcovers on now and they look great. Just wanted you to know that we were very pleased with the quality of the seatcovers AND the customer service on the remake of the rear seatcovers and headrest covers which did not fit the first time. Thanks again for a great job. 

Jane Thrasher,

Tom Ouellette wrote:

 You're welcome - for the business.  I like the seat covers I bought for my Mazda 929.  ... I like the quality of the covers and the prompt delivery and would recommend you to anyone looking for seat covers.

  Happy Holidays!
  Tom Ouellette

Phil Ballard wrote:

I received my seat covers yesterday and I intend to install them this weekend. They look great...

Phil Ballard

Kathy Bonham wrote:
I received my order, for the blue tiger seat covers, dash cover, and steering wheel cover.  We absolutely love them ... 

Thanks so much, 
Kathy Bonham 

Mrs.  MacCullough wrote:

The seat covers were beautiful, they are a Christmas present, and I am sure my daughter will love them. 

Thank you.
Mrs.  MacCullough

Joe B. wrote:

I ordered some seat covers from you a while ago, and I love them. 

George Adkison wrote:

(I) received a custom made seat cover for my 1988 Ford F150 (pick up) and just wanted you to know it fit great... Hats off to you guys for such a great product at such a great price..

Again thanks.. 
George Adkison

ElizabethBrugger wrote:

I wanted to thank you very much for getting my order to me at exactly the time you said.  The white tiger seatcovers are gorgeous.  Even more so than I  imagined.  I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your product & friendly service. 

Thank you again,
Elizabeth Brugger


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